The Heirloom Market

I first started work with The Heirloom Market in late 2012. Tonia, the owner and artist of this antique/handmade enterprise, had contacted me about setting up a website that will allow her to get her work into the public eye, connect with other creatives online, and serve as a hub for all of her social media accounts. With all of this in mind, I worked with Tonia to create a lovely responsive website that worked as a landing page for contact information and specially formatted blog posts, all with the overall goals of search engine optimization and social reach.

For about six months, the website served her needs perfectly, and she was able to gather a rather large following of commenters and fellow artists in her field. However, as her small business grew, she needed her website to grow as well.

What we built next was The Heirloom Market’s second website. It followed the same design scheme as the first website, keeping the chalkboard background, hand-written elements and basic light-on-dark. However, it was much more than a blog with contact information (although those still exist and are just as important before). This time, there was a full section devoted to her antique furniture available to rent, more visual connections to social media profiles, a social commenting system, subscriptions to blog posts, and overall better navigation. There was also plenty of room to grow.

And believe it or not, The Heirloom Market continued to grow! As Tonia’s personal life got a bit more hectic with the addition of a second child, she decided to reduce her large inventory of refurbished antiques, handmade items and rental furniture, and instead take the business in an entirely new direction by becoming an official Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint supplier and hosting workshops to teach people the very techniques that had helped her create a successful business in the first place.

For the website to follow, we needed to include all of the applicable Miss Mustard Seed marketing while still keeping the original Heirloom Market blackboard design. As you look at the website today, you can see we accomplished this by changing from light-on-dark to dark-on-light in all the major content areas of the site.

As for the workshops, Tonia needed a way to schedule each workshop into a specialized calendar, as well as a process for people to register and pay on her website. The ease of doing so is absolutely paramount to attracting workshop customers, and nearly every workshop to this date has been sold out. Congratulations to Tonia on her success! I have been honored to follow her through each step.

Client: The Heirloom Market

Date: November 2012 – July 2014

Project Checklist: Responsive Design, Template Redesign, Custom CSS, Social Integration, WordPress, Event Planning and Registration, Online Payment Gateway


UPDATE 2/15/2015

This website is no longer live due to the client changing the direction of her business. Although visiting the website is not an option, please take a look at the screencaps below.

Full Website View

Full website view of The Heirloom Market.

Full website view of The Heirloom Market.

Tablet View

Tablet view of The Heirloom Market.

Tablet view of The Heirloom Market.

Mobile View

Mobile view of The Heirloom Market.

Mobile view of The Heirloom Market.