The Antelope Special Insert: Swingin’ 60s

As a special insert to The Antelope, UNK’s student-run newspaper, this publication focused on the 1960s, a topic chosen by the journalism department’s advanced reporting class. Although similar to a newspaper special section, what made this different is that it was an extra project done without the student newspaper’s regular staff, and instead of working with a design team, I had complete design control and put together every page of this entire insert myself.

The Antelope included this special insert with its regular publication as an attempt at placing in the next Nebraska Press Association collegiate competitions, and with good results: the spread on pages 6-7 won first place for best graphic and best page design, while the infographic on page 8 won third place in the graphic category.

Client: The University of Nebraska at Kearney: The Antelope

Date: April 27, 2011

Project Checklist: NPA 1st Place Winner, Adobe InDesign, Publication Design, Copy Editing, Print Production

URL: The Antelope – The Swingin 60s PDF