Print Publication Portfolio

Antelope – Swingin60s: This was one of my last projects for my university’s newspaper, The Antelope. I won two awards at the Nebraska Press Association collegiate competitions due to my work with this project, and its inclusion as a special section helped boost our paper to second place overall.

kc-khp01292011: These are select pages from a special section that the Kearney Hub published for the anniversary of a local school, which was my full responsibility. I’ve included these pages because they have a higher content-to-advertisement ratio, giving you an idea of the overall content design.

khp02122011a01-khp02042011a03: These are two typical A-section pages for the Kearney Hub that I planned and designed. Throughout my time working for the Kearney Hub, I designed countless pages for all sections of the newspaper and also helped plan the content strategy.

AnglePrint-BDS2015-ONLINE: This is a magazine rather than a newspaper, but I wanted to include something more recent. Angle Magazine is normally an online-only magazine, but this was our first venture into print. The point of publishing this was to highlight the artists and musicians performing at Angle Magazine’s annual festival, Big Day South, as well as drive readers to the website.