No Coast Collective

After experiencing so much success with The F.Y.I., I wanted to take what I learned from the project and combine it with what I gained from the rest of my college education as well as my professional experience in journalism industry. However, this time, instead of focusing on a print product, I wanted to bring together collaborators for a website that would publish on a regular basis, but compile the content into a monthly e-zine.

The website has the ability to post writing as well as photos, slideshows, videos and audio. It’s also completely responsive and features a clean design, which showcases the content neatly on all screen sizes and devices. It’s easily navigable, with a dynamic homepage, separated content sections and individual author archives.

From the back end, all contributors have individual log-in credentials to the website, allowing them to submit their material on their own. From there, I edit and format the content as needed, then schedule it for publication. As soon as each post goes live, it is posted to No Coast Collective’s social media, where it can be shared and further spread to a wider audience.

The project is still fairly new, and I’ve got lots of plans and ideas to help it grow, including increased social reach, a guerilla marketing campaign, special limited edition print zines, and continued partnerships with writers, artists, musicians and filmmakers.

P.S. – You can see my work as a member of the collective by visiting my author page. Enjoy!

Project Checklist: Project Management, Creative Collaboration, Social Integration, E-Mail Subscriptions, Self-Publishing, WordPress


UPDATE 8/7/14

I recently decided to pull the No Coast Collective website. It got stuck in a state of disrepair and neglect since I moved to South Korea, and the lack of updates was creating a potential security risk to my server. Hopefully, if all goes well, I plan to bring back No Coast Collective (or something like it) at some point in the future when I'm not busy living the life of an expat.